Portrait of a Hare



Brown Hare
Lepus europaeus

Portrait of a Hare

Ever since I took up photography seriously taking a decent image of the Brown Hare has always been a challenge having spent many hours with Adrian sitting alongside fields waiting for the chance that they may wander close to get a decent shot and as for the boxing! Well let’s not go there! Of course I’ve seen it but normally a long way off so not really worth taking a shot. When I took these shots on holiday in Norfolk during August, (all bar 1 shot) getting out around 5am whilst driving around the quiet country lanes that are abundant in Norfolk I had to pull off the road because of a large tractor coming my way taking up the whole width of the road! Having turned into a pull off area used by the farmers I noticed a Hare in the distance so I parked up well away from the road with the light behind me it was near on perfect, using the car as a hide I set up the camera and waited, some 20 minutes later around 6am another Hare wandered out from scrub and then another until there were 5 Hare’s around a 100m away basking in the warm morning sun, so I started taking a few shots they seemed happy enough and wandered around and eventually got within 20m’s of the car! A couple of the shots are just full frame head shots taken with the 7d and 600mm at f4, I spent a totally of 4 mornings at the same spot from 5 till 7.30 am until they wandered off and disappeared for the day, taking around 1500 shots some of which I will add from time to time…..


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