Natures Diary


April is normally the first month of the year that you have a chance of seeing healthy Badger cubs. Tiny brown Fox cubs can also venture out as do Wild Boar young. Grass Snakes, Slow worms and Lizards being cold blooded are all taking advantage of warming up and basking in the early morning sunshine.


There is a big transition this month with Fieldfare’s and Redwings departing, being replaced by Hirundinidae like Swallows and House Martins performing their aerial feeding frenzies. Warblers, Cuckoo and Swifts also arrive along with Wryneck, Ring Ouzel and Turtle Dove. Nest building is well on the way. Bird song fills the earlier mornings and later evenings, Song Thrush and Blackbird are often seen singing high up on prominent perches.


Ash Trees come into flower with their clumps of purple coloured flowers, Cowslip along with Dandelion show their distinctive yellow petals whilst the often overlooked Red Dead Nettle lines embankments etc. Wood Anemones, Wild Garlic, Marsh Marigolds are also great to look out for and if your really lucky the Snakes Head Fritillary. However the star for me this month is the Bluebell carpeting woods and also providing excellent bedding material for Badgers.


Insect activity is timed with birds busy feeding their young, numbers are building and taking advantage of the early flowers providing nectar. Butterflies take advantage of sunny days with Orange Tip, Speckled Wood, Peacock and Tortoishell taking to the air.