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Natures Diary


Grey Squirrels are rapidly eating the ripening Hazelnuts, but keep a check for evidence of them being eaten by the Dormouse as it prepares for hibernation. Red Deer & Sika Deer are in rut and Badgers are gaining bulk as they put on weight for the winter months. Frogs and Toads will find a place to hibernate


Jays start to hoard Acorns. Mistle thrushes sing from high perches, while other thrushes arrive in the form of Fieldfare and Redwings. House Martins, Ring Ouzel, Turtle Doves and Hobbies all finally disappear this month.


Fungi starts to really show this month with Fly Agaric and the Beefsteak Fungus being very distinctive, also look out for Orange Peel fungus and Puff Balls. Old mans Beard starts to show in hedgerows. Blackthorn becomes laiden with Sloes. Yew trees also display their berries and are welcome pickings for birds.


Golden Orb spiders spinning their webs are very noticeable this month with early morning dew lighting up their efforts. Common Darter and Red Admirals may also be seen still.

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