Barn Owl

Tyto Alba

Short Movie Taken in Suffolk


Whilst I was photographing this Barn Owl in August 2010 I thought I'd try out the Video in the 5D MK11 with only previously testing it to see if it works or not then leaving all for another day so to speak, today was to be that day. Not easy to do but thankfully I have a decent window mount for the car and it all seemed feasible so I gave it ago. I'm please with the results as the image quality is excellent only my lack of skill being the problem, all could have been avoided if only I read the manual but didn't even have it with me at the time. The only major problem really was that I did not turn of the image stabilizer of on the 500f4 so unbeknown to me at the time I recorded the noise from the lenses but other than that I was pleased with it, very easy to use and the quality is amazing and it's HD