Subalpine Warbler (eastern)
Sylvia albistriata

Taken  at Landguard NR 27 April 2013

Another rare migrant hit our shores again late Friday afternoon at Landguard NR, this particular race is found from north-east Italy to southern Turkey and is not a common to our shores as the western race cantillans. I’ve seen this race often from where it originates from but not on our shores, so up at first light Saturday I ventured down to Landguard and got there around 5.30am, I was quite surprised that there were next to no other people there! It was a beautiful still morning too, still quite chilly though. After wandering around the area I’d not located it and within an hour arriving others had started to arrive lending more eye’s to search for the bird and just after 7am it showed itself briefly before flying for cover, about 45 minutes later reappearing and then continually showing for the rest of the day, good views had by all, the bird was not located on the Sunday , we had a nice still evening so I hopefully it made the short trip across the sea back to Europe…


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