Regulus ignicapillus

Taken at East Lane, Suffolk April 2013

April 13th and it actually feels as though spring may have a chance to break through, during the week reports of Swallows and Sand Martins on the south coast only thing holding them down there is the north and east westerly winds, during the week it all changed and the winds became southerly bringing some warmth and sunshine and everything had a chance to make a move, and they have, migrants moving northwards desperate to get to their breeding grounds after the wettest and coldest spring in years, only time will tell how bad things have been later in the year. We already know that the Barn Owls have taken a hammering with over a 100 or so birds found dead already in our county probably due to lack of food and the harshness of the weather…. but ┬áSaturday was another spring day weather wise for us and we had any early start to the day going to Landguard NR Felixstowe as our first stop with the intention of working our way northward up the coast throughout the day keeping ahead of the forecast’s rain, not much to photograph there so having walked around for a couple of hours and seeing a few migratory birds, wheatear and a Firecrest we headed for East Lane, near Bawdsey where there had been reports of Firecrest and Black Redstarts. Once there we caught up with the other birders and photographers and watched the Firecrest with a couple of Goldcrests work the Tarmisk and bushes along the coastal paths, plain to see but generally very difficult to photograph cleanly as my pictures show but very enjoyable none the less and happy with a few of the shots of a bird that I’d only ever seen and not photographed, let’s hope now Spring can really get going in the next few weeks…


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