Black Bellied Dipper

Taken at Thetford, January 2013

What a day and I only mean weather wise! My pet hate these days is going out to photograph when it dull and drab let alone wet as well!

The Dipper itself was very obliging and took little or any notice of the steady stream of birders and photographers creeping towards the water’s edge to get a look, Dippers are great to see anytime especially when they are rare to our neck of the woods and when one does show up they are usually the European variety.

Unfortunately because of the weather and the area in which the Dipper decided to dwell I shot wide open at f4 and with the 5dmk3 at 2500 iso to get  a decent shutter speed as Dippers don’t stand still even when they are standing still!  Nice to see the bird and with a few record images made for a pleasant couple of hours out  and so was meeting with a few familiar faces as one often does on these sort of outings….


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