Bombycilla garrulus

Taken in Ipswich December 2012


It’s all about the berry….

Thought I’d try something a little different with these shots of Waxwing, we all love to see them and they make for good subjects, although I still haven’t got the shot I’m really after but I enjoy watching them as we all seem too…

To the Waxwing it’s about one thing, the “berry” they are fascinating to watch as the descend on to a bush or tree with some kind of berry on it, especially infuriating for the local thrush community as the Waxwings are stealing from their larder and they haven’t ¬†got much of a say when they are in large flocks as they often are… they don’t seem to bothered that we come close, they look but don’t stop and stare long before they plunder the bush bare… then move on, we’ll fellow them every year they come, we always do.


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