Stow Maris Badger cubs


NEEBG Rescue

Meles meles

These two tiny badger cubs, approximately five weeks old, came into the care of Judy Massie from the North East Essex Badger Group after a digger driver inadvertently dug straight into the bedding chamber of a badger sett. He had been removing soil from farmland and hadn’t realised it was the spoil from a badger sett. With the sow probably already escaped her 3 cubs had been left behind, one unfortunately must have been clipped by the bucket and sadly died, but the other two were spotted in time and a call to the badger hotline meant they had a second chance. 
After an unsuccessful attempt to reunite the cubs with their mother later that night, it was decided to take them into care. After being de-loused and cleaned up, the cubs proved to be relatively trouble-free – eating well and progressing on to mushy food after a couple of weeks.

Luckily for me I was able to visit on several occasions to record their progress. After three weeks the cubs were strong enough to go down to “Wildlife Aid Foundation” in Leatherhead, where a “delighted” Simon and staff will be looking after them until late October/November before they are released into the wild where they belong.