pine marten camera trap 2014


Pine Marten

Camera Trap Trial

After being inspired to build my own camera trap by Jamie Hall, using my Canon 30d and a home made trip sensor, I rather hurriedly built it two nights before leaving for Glenborrodale in Scotland. Unfortunately the water proofing fell by the wayside and for probably 6 out of the 7 days away it rained! Despite this using many plastic bags, the trap was set up for Pine marten. 

After several slight wiring issues, flat batteries and wrong settings I managed a few remote camera shots using a wide angle lens (daylight shot, two set at a shutter speed of 0.6secs (one with 1 flash the other with both flashes firing) and last one set at 25 secs (with slight light bleed from outside light being triggered)). Lots learnt but it was a good start to hopefully improve on back at home. Thanks Jamie.

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